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New Zealand Discovery

December 13, 2011

Alright, I promised her around 30 months back and finally, We have made it. Flying to NZ on 21st Dec.
It would be a road trip. and thereby, have not done any preparation for it. Let’s see how it goes.
We are covering both the islands in 13 days. now, this is going to be very exciting. Did I say, around 3000kms. Woo-Hoo !!
Also, we have a 5 hrs ferry from wellington to picton. Another exciting thing !!
Alright, the update to planning is that we will be in north island from 22nd dec to 25th dec. We will cover auckland, Matamata, Rotorua, lake taupe, wine trail, Wellington
On the south island, which is more adventurous, our planning is more extensive. We discover the vine trail of Marlborough region, move towards Karakora for whale watching, come back to Marlborough region and then, move towards Fox glacier via greymouth. From there, travel the west coast towards queenstown.

Day 1, arrival at auckland
We arrived at Auckland by a 10 hour long and tough flight on the morning of 22nd dec at 11am. We passed through a very high bio-security checking zone where we were interviewed about the contents of our baggages. We answered in affirmative for medicines(carrying quite a few first aid ones), biscuits and cakes etc and some home made food. They let us go out without any further issues or questioning. We did not put anything on the immigration form though 😉 also to be mentioned, everybody was very well natured.
We came out at arrival terminal 1, gate 11. There were many eateries around. We collected a supa pay Vodafone SIM for $30+20. It contained 1000 free SMS,120 mins free india,sing calling, 50 international messages, 50 MB 3G data, free local calls on weekends and an extra $8 value. It was best suited to our use. Topping up was very easy.
We called the go rentals guys for our car. They said that their pickup van would be there in 5 mins to pick us up for their depot. We got to their office, saw the car and inquired about their policies. We scanned through the scratches on the car and documented it with them. (We had read in forums that it was very important to document the scratches, undocumented ones will be assumed to be done by you, so it was important to spend time in that)


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