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Apache Maven

January 16, 2012

Maven is one of most frequently used Build management tools. It can be extended to be used as a tool for
-hierarchical object oriented build structure
-Code componentisation
-build verification
-build compilation
-build testing
-build packaging
-build reporting
-build deployment

Maven execution can be divided into four nested hierarchies: lifecycle(clean,default,site), Phase, Plugin, Goal.

Goal can be defined as a single executable task within a plugin.

Clean lifecycle: pre-clean, clean, post-clean
Default lifecycle: validate, initialize, generate-sources, process-sources, generate-resources, process-resources, compile, process-classes, generate-test-sources,process-test-sources,test-compile, test, prepare-package,package,pre-integration-test,integration-test,verify,install,deploy

Scoping of dependency: we can define scope to a particular dependency. it controls its visibility and inclusion in the final packaged artifact. Scoping enables you to minimize the Jars that ship with your product.


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